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Our main goal is to provide you with the best service and knowledge to keep you well informed and safe!!! Service for most of us like going out to eat or to shop in a store is almost nonexistent these days. We are happy you found DCC - we care and will provide that great service we all crave! It starts with a click, or a call. With that said, we are so happy you are looking into DCC for any number of inspection needs. Below you will find free and very informative links to help you gain knowledge in the areas of the home industry we inspect. 


We offer so many inspections and other services to help you. We are well trained, Certified, and have the experience to truly help you and impact your home. From InterNACHI to IICRC we have the most up to date training and on top of that, over 25 years of experience in the construction industry.  Find out why or service is bar none and you'll gain a huge piece of mind with DCC investigating your home or Business.  Call, text or email questions or with anything we can help with. 


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What Really Matters in a Home Inspection!?!

Mold information for Homeowners 

Free download - The EPA for homeowners. 

Tips For Homebuyers 

Free download - DCC keeping you in the know! 

What is Radon?

EPA's video - What is Radon gas? DCC has you covered when testing for Radon